Generator Support is an initiative from the Belgian company Navex Elektro in consultation with Mastervolt and Whisper Power.  With over 20 years of experience with Mastervolt and Whisper Power generators, we have become a reliable service partner for both brands.

Why Mastervolt AND Whisper Power?  Before 2008 all generators where by the Mastervolt brand, after 2008 the generator department from Mastervolt became Whisper Power, so a lot of the service parts are for both brands the same.

If you are looking for service or spare parts for your Mastervolt or Whisper Power generator and you cannot find it at this website please contact us!  both brands have lots of products and not everything is online yet.

If you have a (technical) question regarding your generator you can always contact us with an email or on chat.
(if we are online you can see the chatbox in the bottom right corner).
Please have your part & serial number available when contacting us!

If you are curious to find out more about who we @ Navex Elektro are, take a look at our website

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